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Introducing "Le Moulin"
to grind with beauty and refinement.

A new item joins the “Michel BRAS” brand.

“Le Moulin” (which means mill in French) grinds various ingredients with precision to achieve a wide range of creative dishes.

It perfectly handles a wide range of ingredients from spices and herbs to dried mushrooms and vegetables, or even ground coffee.

Furthermore, the grind size can be fine-tuned to one of the nine pre-set levels by rotating the coarseness adjustment dial. High precision is what enables to bring out the best from each produce. Just by changing the grain size, the same ingredient can reveal a different nuance or match other aromas with more harmony. Your culinary world will expand delightfully.

We hope that you thoroughly enjoy the exquisite finish and deep flavor that only “Le Moulin” can offer.

To be released in January 2021 in France, in April 2021 for other regions.

Size : 57mm (Diameter) x 178mm (Total length)
Weight : 307g
Made in : Japan
*Le Moulin is a patented product. PAT. JP6731516


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