Michel BRAS Michel BRAS

The spirit of the brand lives in the details

Item Number (Metal End of the Handle)

Each knife is inscribed with a number corresponding to a function (paring, meat, vegetable, etc) so that the user can identify it at a glance. These numbers are punched on manually rather than being etched by laser, as is the usual practice.

Bee (Cross Section of the Handle)

Traditional knives from Laguiole, the village where Michel Bras grew up and where his restaurant “Le Suquet” is located, always bear the mark of a bee. The “Michel BRAS” knives’ simple style is an extension of this tradition.

Cistre and Serial Number (Blade)

The cistre, an herb that grows on high plateaus, is the symbol of the restaurant “Le Suquet”. Its silhouette is inscribed on the blade with a serial number to indicate that the knife is unique and that you are its only owner.

Plain Wood Sheath

The elegant hard maplewood sheath is reminiscent of the beautiful and tranquil landscape of Laguiole. A magnet inside the sheath holds the knife snugly in place and protects the blade.