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Fine grating to change the texture and appearance of food.

A tool to assist in creating a wide variety of dishes by simply changing blades:
-spare blade 1 is for use with dry food,
-blade 2 is great for serious grating from coarse to fine,
- blade 3 creates delicate flakes.

The structure of all three blades enables them to grate food with each forward and backward stroke for better efficiency.

Spare blade 1
Reduces dry foods into powder; ideal for grating root vegetables.
Spare blade 2
For serious grating in a wide variety of widths.
Spare blade 3
For gentle grating of all sorts of foods. Produces light, delicate and beautiful flakes.

With blade attachment: 310 mm (total length) x 64 mm (total width)
Weight: 190 g
Blade attachment: 178 mm (total length) x 60 mm (total width)
Weight: 40 g

Movie: Grater

Spare blade 1: Triangle / 2.4 mm

Spare blade 2: Round / 3.7 mm

Spare blade 3: Ribbon / 9.8mm



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